Planning Napkins Together

I did not have a large wedding as my son is having. It is really fun tagging along with he and his fiance as they make their wedding plans. They invited me and her mom to help with some of the more fun plans such as the food tasting. They have all of the final decisions but it was really thoughtful of them to include us. When we saw the personalized napkins they had chosen we were more than impressed. They are beige with gold initials on them. Their table cloths are beige with gold embossed edges that hang down and read “now and forever” in gold. We both felt that was a beautiful touch. They are going with a more elegant theme which is very nice for a wedding. The table settings are going to be beautiful as well. We have been going through books and magazines for ideas but tomorrow that decision will be on the table. We are cooking dinner and every one is coming over for a final decision.

Favors that remind us

Cleaning out my closet to place the winter clothes more forward I noticed the flip flops that were given out at my brother’s wedding. They were the wedding favors chosen for his beach themed wedding. He had wanted to marry on the beach but with such a large family that was not meant to be so he brought the beach to the church. There were so many theme based ideas implemented to make their wedding beach themed it really felt like we would see the ocean just outside when we left the church. I felt it was a great way to give them the beach wedding they always wanted while being available for their family. However I do hope one day they are able to renew their vows on a beach some where. It seems sad to think they had to give up their wedding dreams for everyone else. It did not seem to cross their minds what a sacrifice they made because they were so happy to be getting married and sharing it with everyone.

Flip Flop Favors Will Save The Day

This is going to be the easiest wedding ever! Planning a beach wedding is
virtually a no brainer. We have both been married once before so we wanted
to keep everything simple and low key. What could be more simple than
letting God do the decorations for you? The backdrop of a sunset on the
ocean is the most beautiful scenery one could ever hope for. The only flaw
in the plans could be a sudden shower of rain. We won’t let that dampen
our spirits though. Secondary plans have been decided on because it is
well known that beach showers only last a few minutes. They are perfect
for helping the temperatures to drop slightly and can only heighten the
experience. We will be sure to pass out flip flops as wedding favors so no
one will get wet feet including the bride and groom!

Napkins in the Restaurant

The hostess led us to our table and we sat down. It was a new restaurant
in town and we thought we’d try it out.

So far the experience was very nice. We were greeted at the front door
warmly and were quickly fit in. The place was slightly gloomy which set
the atmosphere quite nicely. There were personalized napkins on the table
with the restaurant logo on it. I always thought that it would be a good
idea to have such napkins in my company as advertisement, but we had yet to
implement it.

The hostess informed us that our waiter would be here shortly and would
answer any questions about the menu. With that, she left the table. At
once, all of us picked up our menus and examined them closely. This would
be an interesting meal.

The Wedding Went Perfectly

Everyone was so shocked at how well everything went together for Nancy and Mark’s wedding. With only a week to plan we were able to organize a wedding that looked as though we had been planning for a year. The wedding decorations were amazing with all of the fall colors that Nancy loves. There were flowers every where. The ribbons helped to bring in all of the colors as well. We even had ribbons in the reception hall to bring the entire event together. The foods were amazing as well with delicious steaks and potatoes. The wedding cake was nothing short of amazing for certain. I do not even know how many tears there were on that cake. It was delicious. I think everyone had seconds and thirds of the wedding cake! There was even a drink fountain. I had never seen one before but it really made a beautiful centerpiece for the reception table. There was no detail not taken care of and it showed.

Even The Best Wedding Plans Can Melt Away

July weddings in the south and soy based candles are not a match made in heaven. I thought using candles made with soy was a great idea as wedding favors. I even put a decorative label with “You Light Up My Life” on them. Really appropriate you would think. I was proud of myself, even for running ahead of schedule getting them packaged and ready. Mom gave them to dad to put in his trunk so that they be moved out of the way. That is where it all began going downhill. Consider what the inside temperature of a car trunk must be in the full sun all day for weeks on end. When it came time to use them at the wedding, they were a melted disaster. You couldn’t even see some of the wicks. I should have relabeled them with “You Used to Light Up My Life.”

XML, JavaScript and Asynchronous

A significant concern for any professional website developer or operator is time; the time that it takes for articles to load can function as the dying of any website application. Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) decreases load time using a mixture of inter-related web development scripting techniques to produce immediately accessible web applications. In standard Web applications, the interaction between the server along with visitors is synchronous. This means this one has to happen after another. Whether a visitor clicks a link, the request is sent to the host, which in turn sends the results back. With Ajax, the JavaScript that’s loaded if the site loads handles all the jobs such as information validation and exploitation, together with display making the Ajax engine handles with no trip for the host. At the same time it is producing display modifications for the customer, it is delivering information back and forth to the host. However, the data transfer is not dependent upon actions of the visitor.

I Could Have Recycled The Paper For My Own Invitations

I met my partner five years ago. His apartment, when we met, looked like a recycling center. He barely threw anything away. His dining room had huge plastic containers which separated the different types of materials. As a matter of fact we rarely went to the trash bin but every two to three days. He recycled paper, plastic, glass and foil. I had no idea how many things can actually be reused. The thought of all the years I did not contribute to giving back to the planet makes me feel rather guilty now. That is my headway into my wedding invitations. Following through with our recycling mission, I am using recycled paper invitations. I have researched thoroughly the possibilities and the company that I am using guarantees their quality and designs. I love this idea and am trying to incorporate other recycled items in my ceremony.

A Wedding That Combines Nationalities

About five years ago my brother moved to China to start teaching English. He quickly discovered that his quality of life could be much higher in Asia than it ever would be in America. He was treated like royalty in Asia. His rent was cheap, his wage was high, the food was incredible, and everyone left him alone and minded their own business. He had a motorcycle, a band, and a beautiful girlfriend who hung off of his every word. When they got married they had an elaborate wedding because they could afford it. The hall was a fusion of Chinese and American with lots of karaoke and tiny red lanterns as wedding favors. I’ve never seen him look so happy. My entire family is excited to see him and his pregnant wife when they come home to visit for Christmas this year.

At Least I Can Eat The Favors

Mad rush to the docks doesn’t begin to explain the hurry my newly married husband and I had to do when heading off for the honeymoon. My sister was the dear who drove us and had come to help us get “launched” off to our new life together. She is great when it comes to helping. Little did I know that she was as flustered as we were when we reached the boat. She told us to head on board and she would handle the baggage and other details. I had relied on her so far so we reluctantly left her behind and loaded ourselves. When our bags arrived and I began unpacking to hang our things and put them away, I opened one suitcase and found fifty wedding favors neatly packed away. They were my prepackaged gourmet chocolate cookies that were meant for the wedding. How they got in my luggage, I don’t know. I than realized the case which was missing was the one with my under garments and swimsuits. Oh well, I guess I will stay in the room, eat chocolate cookies and send my spouse to purchase my necessary items where we dock next.